Charles Boyk Law Office Partners With Josina Lott For Toledo Mural

The Charles E. Boyk Law Offices recently partnered with Josina Lott Residents and Lourdes University students in the creation of a Toledo skyline mural. The mural is in the PNC Building at the Boyk Law Offices.

The creation of the Toledo skyline mural is part of the Charles Boyk Law Office’s ‘Tribute to Toledo’ campaign. This campaign included residents of Josina Lott Residential Community Services and Lourdes University Art Therapy students. The groups came together to design the mural, as well as pain the skyline.

The beautiful ‘Tribute to Toledo’ mural is on the wall of the expanded area in the Charles Boyk Law Office. As supporters of the community that we serve, our office is very thankful to have been able to involve these groups in a project that not only brought people together and celebrated creativity, but also pays tribute to the Toledo area.

The Toledo mural painting was a day-long event for those who participated. As we watched the painting of the mural, it was amazing to see all of the pieces come together throughout the process. The participants from Josina Lott and Lourdes were then able to sign the mural as artists of the beautiful piece.

We believe that projects like this are very important to be a part of. It not only brings us closer to the community that we serve, but allows us to bring joy and unforgettable memories to others.

If you would like to see the Toledo skyline mural, watch the below video which takes you through the entire process. You can see how the participants came together to create something truly wonderful. Our law office is happy to be able to see this mural every day and remember not only the wonderful experience that this ‘Tribute to Toledo’ mural has given us, but the amazing people we were able to meet in the process.

Charles E. Boyk Law Offices, LLC