Charles Boyk Law Office Gives Back To Community

The 2013-2014 Start High School Student & Teacher of the Month contest, presented by the Charles Boyk Law Office, brought tears and smiles to many students and teachers throughout the school year. Our office was very happy to have been able to host such a contest at Start High School, attorney Chuck Boyk’s alma mater.

Start Teacher of the Month
The last teacher who was highlighted in the contest had a special connection to our law office. Start Math teacher Lisa Tucker and Boyk Law paralegal Cindy White sparked the idea for our involvement in the contest. Tucker played a large role in the creation of the contest, so we were thrilled when submissions came in from students highlighting Mrs. Tucker for the Teacher of the Month and the reward of a $250 Visa gift card.

Start High Schoool student, Kylie Parsons said, “Mrs. Tucker is by far the best teacher I have ever seen. She works really well with kids, especially one-on-one, and she offers after school tutoring, which is why she is my favorite.”

When we presented the Teacher of the Month to Mrs. Tucker, she was speechless and had ters in her eyes. It was a great way to end the year by giving such a fantastic teacher the recognition that she deserves.

Start Student of the Month

The unveiling of the final Student of the Month also brought tears to the eyes of the winner. Senior Taylor Johnson learned that she was nominated by her AP European History teacher.

“Taylor is an astoundingly motivated student,” said Ms. McClure. “She is primarily responsible for the creation of the Start High School Gay Straight Alliance and she and three other students take complete responsibility for the agenda and running of the meetings.” Ms. McClure went on to say how Taylor’s writing skills are superb and that she even wrote a a one-act show that was performed at the schools Challenge Day program over the winter.

Taylor was very excited to receive the Student of the Month award. When called down to the office, she initially worried that she was in trouble, but instead she was greeted by the Boyk Law staff and Ms. McClure.

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