Charles Boyk Law Office Awards Start HS Students & Teachers

The Charles E. Boyk Law Offices believes in supporting the community that it serves. In the fall, the law office began the Student of the Month and Teacher of the Month promotion at Start High School.

Start Teacher Appreciation Contest

Students participated by sending in a video explaining why their favorite teacher deserved to be recognized as the Teacher of the Month. The law office would then filter through the submissions and award a teach a gift card, showing the appreciation that not only the students have for them, but also the appreciation that our office has as they help the youth within our community.

We were able to receive submissions from various students praising the efforts of their teachers and the care that they put into their jobs. This is something that our law office specifically enjoys as Chuck Boyk is a graduate of Start High School, having memories of his very own favorite teacher.

Watch Chuck talk about his favorite teacher here.

February’s Teacher of the Month award went to Mary Mandley who was nominated by Corey Latimer. In Corey’s video, he said that Ms. Mandley was fun and makes everyone in the class laugh, which was very evident in the video where she was awarded the title and gift card.

Watch Ms. Mandley’s excitement in the news of her Teacher of the Month award.

Start Student of the Month Contest

Teachers were able to nominate students by sending in a written nomination, explaining why a specific student deserved to be recognized as the Student of the Month. Once again, our law office enjoyed the opportunity to hear kind words written about various students at Start High School and the hard work that the students put into their studies.

The February Student of the Month, Brandon Bowling, was nominated by the Electrical Trades & Alternative Energy Tech teacher at Start, Todd Abbott. You can read his nomination and watch the reveal of the award on our YouTube Channel:

February Student of the Month: Brandon Bowling

Law Office Gives Back to Community

The lawyers and staff at the Charles E. Boyk Law Offices enjoy being able to give back to the community. This promotion with Start High School has been very rewarding not only for those who win the awards, but for our employees to know that they are helping to provide happiness to teachers and students of Toledo.

To learn more about this promotion, visit our YouTube Channel and watch the other videos. You can also read highlights of other students and teachers within our blog.

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