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The Charles E. Boyk Law Offices, LLC is extremely excited to announce the Charles E. Boyk Accident App for smartphones! The free accident app is the first thing Ohio drivers should reach for if they are involved in a car accident.

Phone app for Charles Boyk Law FirmBeing in a car accident is a frightening experience. It is important that accident victims know exactly what to do immediately after an accident. Fortunately, the new iPhone app from Charles E. Boyk Law Offices, LLC is there to help. It is the first mobile app created by an Ohio law firm for accident and injury victims.

The app is free and has a complete checklist and all of the features needed to gather the necessary information needed for insurance claims and possible legal action. It guides drivers though exactly what to do and gives them the necessary tools to do it. To download the free app, just go to the iTunes or App Store and search for “Ohio Car Accident Attorneys – Charles Boyk Law Firm”.




Our new app features:

  • A 911 fast-call button
  • Locations to the nearest hospital (no matter where the accident takes place)
  • Locate and call a taxi cab and tow truck immediately by using your phone’s GPS
  • Tip Checklist
  • Flashlight feature helps you see at night
  • Request your police report
  • The Charles E. Boyk Law Offices, LLC Facebook and Twitter feeds
  • Access the Charles E. Boyk Law Office, LLC website
  • Contact our car accident lawyers to discuss your legal rights and options
  • Captures all the auto accident information

The EXACT features of our very popular accident kit, which will electronically capture the following information:

  • Details of the accident
  • Insurance Information
  • Police Information
  • Driver/Vehicle Information
  • Witness Information
  • Photos; allows you to take and save photos of your vehicle damage and accident scene
  • Audio Statements

The Accident App is now available for both the iPhone and Android users!

“We live in an increasingly mobile society in which people have a variety of ways to gather the information they need. This new smart phone application adds another tool to help us stay connected with our clients,” said Chuck. “We’re on Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter. And, now when people ask us what to do if they get into an accident – we can say we’ve got an app for that, too!”

To download the FREE Accident App in the Apple market Click Here!!

And to download the FREE Accident App in the Android market Click Here!!

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