Car Accident Injuries Caused By Cargo

Car Accident Injuries Caused By Cargo

Our Toledo, Ohio car accident injury lawyers handle many cases where loved ones are lost in car accidents due to drunken driving or failure to yield at a traffic light. But in one case, as reported by Jere Beasley, a family lost a loved one due to cargo shifting forward in a GM cargo van, during a head-on collision. The woman would have walked away from the wreck but for being crushed by the cargo.

According to statistics, there are nearly 250 cargo-related injuries and fatalities every year. The hazard posed by unrestrained cargo and eliminating that hazard through known safety devices has, for the better part, been ignored by the automobile industry. GM now admits that its cargo vans, as designed and manufactured, are not safe to haul cargo. However, the company takes the position that it is up to drivers to make sure the cargo is properly stowed. GM does not provide information or warnings as to where consumers can acquire cargo-retentive devices. Consult a skilled attorney to start filing claims today.

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