Boy Dies In ATV Accident

A 16-year-old boy has died after a tragic ATV accident in Muskingum County. The boy, Zackery Jungling, was driving behind another ATV and crashed into the back. Jungling had a passenger on the back that was ejected from the ATV, but they were not seriously hurt.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Jungling family during this difficult time. We cannot imagine the pain that they are going through.

ATV Accidents in Ohio

There have been several reports of ATV accidents in Ohio during the past few months. Our office has been posting safety tips throughout our blog in hopes that we can help to prevent injuries or fatalities.

“ATVs are very dangerous vehicles. They are not meant for two people, and there are several rules that many people aren’t even aware of. My hope is that by sharing safety and accident prevention tips through our blog, we can help to save just one person from an injury. That in itself would make it worth it, “ said Attorney Boyk.

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