Booster Seat Safety

Booster Seat Safety

Many booster seats have been recalled over the years due to the harm they cause children in the event of a car accident.

Our Ohio car accident child injury lawyers were concerned to read a recent article in the Jere Beasley Report. According to the article, The Insurance Institute of Highway Safety has found that booster seats are doing a poor job of improving the fit of lap and shoulder belts for children.

Booster seats are meant to do one thing: elevate children so that safety belts designed for adults are in the right position to restrain kids during a crash.

Thirteen of the 41 belt-positioning booster seats that the Insurance Institute evaluated with the University of Michigan Transportation Research did so poorly that the Institute doesn’t recommend them at all.

Ten models were considered “best bets,” and five were “good bets.” Good boosters route belts across a child’s bony parts, not soft parts like the abdomen, which is more vulnerable to injury.

It is imperative that children are properly restrained in a vehicle, in order to protect their lives in the possible event of a serious car accident. Before buying a car seat, research their safety ratings, and always read the manual to ensure that you are using the seat properly.

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