Bike-Car Crashes In Ohio

There are many bicyclists that enjoy riding on Ohio roadways, but many of them can explain a close call or two in which they’ve almost been injured by a motorist they share the road with.

Of the 1.2 million crash reports collected by the Ohio Department of Public Safety since 2009, there are 7,868 bike-car crashes. The reason for such a high number of crashes is because a large amount of motorists and cyclists do not understand how to properly share the road.

Cyclist Rick Smith remembers an almost-accident he experienced when a car’s mirror clipped his handlebars. Luckily, his bike was just shaken and he was not knocked over.

Another bike rider, Nick Tepe, was involved in a Columbus bike-car crash five years ago when a vehicle struck him at an angle in an intersection. “I think (the driver) was trying to beat me through the intersection and didn’t realize how fast I was going,” Tepe said. The car’s impact threw him onto the windshield of the vehicle, and then to the asphalt.

Bike-Car Crash Data

  • Out of the 6,360 cyclists injured, 3,580 required an ambulance and 68 died
  • One out of every three crashes occurs as a driver makes a right or left turn
  • 58% of crashes occurred at an intersection

Cyclists Nick Tepe offers advice to motorists regarding sharing the roadway with cyclists. “Treat bicyclists as you would an Amish buggy, tractor or any other slow-moving vehicle,” he said. “When you’ve got 200 pounds of cyclists and bike versus two tons of vehicle, it’s not really a fair matchup, so please be human beings and be cautious when you’re passing us.”

Bike-Car Crashes in Ohio

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