Be Safe! Highway Patrol Reminds Everyone To Buckle Up

The Ohio State Highway Patrol is encouraging all motorists to buckle up this winter. They tell us, “The facts are indisputable; wearing a safety belt can save your life.”

Last year more than 60% of the people killed on Ohio’s roadways were not wearing a seat belt. State Highway Patrol superintendent Col. John Born says that buckling up is the easiest thing you can do to protect yourself, your family and your friends from fatal motor vehicle crashes. It is just that simple; buckle your seat belt before going anywhere in your car. Make it a habit even. The first thing you do every time you get into a car is you buckle your seat belt.

Ohio’s safety belt compliance rates are improving though, with more motorists choosing to wear their seat belts year after year. Although the numbers may be up for this reason, regardless of all of the information out there there are still far too many Ohioans who choose not to buckle-up. Not wearing a seat belt in Ohio the law remains a secondary violation; however troopers continue a zero tolerance enforcement policy when motorists are stopped for other violations, or police authorities spot a motorist who is operating a motor vehicle without wearing a seat belt.

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