Avoid Playground Accidents | Bowling Green Child Accident Lawyers

While most parents don’t think that they have to worry about their children being seriously harmed by playground equipment, accidents still happen. To help prevent these injuries here are some examples of proper playground equipment and how the equipment should be used:

·         Put the playground equipment together correctly according to instructions. It should sit on a level surface and be anchored firmly to the ground. Carefully maintain all equipment this includes checking occasionally for loose nuts and bolts and broken, rusty, or sharp parts. Cap all screws and bolts. Open “s” hooks or protruding bolt ends can be hazardous.

·         Install and maintain a shock-absorbing surface under and around the play equipment. Use safety-tested mats or loose fill materials (shredded rubber, sand, wood chips, or bark) maintained to a depth of at least nine inches. The equipment should be surrounded by the protective surface. The protective surface should extend it at least six feet (more for swings and slides) in all directions from the equipment.

·         Make sure equipment is not closer than six feet from walls and fences.

·         Seats used on swings should be made of soft materials such as rubber, plastic or canvas; avoid wood or metal.

·         Make sure children cannot reach any moving parts that might pinch or trap any part of the body.

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