Ash Borer To Blame For Fallen Tree On Bus

Thursday morning around 7 a.m. in Palmyra Township, 29 students were from Blissfield were on their way to school when they were surprised by a big tree falling on their moving bus.

The freak accident caused five students to be sent to the hospital to have injuries treated. They were all released from a hospital in Adrian before noon. According to the Superintendent of Blissfield Community Schools, the accident could have been a little worse.

The tree smashed into the driver’s windshield. When the driver proceeded to stop the bus, the tree rolled and then shattered the back windows. The bus driver was able to identify the children injured and move everyone off the bus. According to the Operations Director for Blissfield Community Schools, Michael Reinhardt, the driver did exactly what she was supposed to do in this type of situation.

Crews at the scene on Thursday afternoon cleared away the rest of the tree and debris. The tree is said to fall because of the infestation of the ash borer.

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