Are My Children In Danger? Preventing Accidents In The Home

With children visiting the emergency room from injuries in the home every day, it’s important for parents to be aware of the risks that their household items create…

1.) Unsecured TV’s- These are extremely heavy and most often within the reach of curious toddlers. They can easily be pulled down and have caused serious injury or death. You can mount a television unit to the wall or have securing straps to ensure that the TV does not fall on your child.

2.) Complex Stairs- Many homes have complex stairs like spirals, open tread, or wooden and slippery. These present risk factors for children falling either going up or down them.

3.) Heated towel rails- These rails can be a burn hazard, especially for toddler affected children who like to hold on to things to pull themselves up.

4.) Book shelves and storage units unsecured- storage often seems to be a problem and while there are cheap and easy shelving units available, they are not always stable.

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