Alopecia from Taxotere

Alopecia from Taxotere

One of the most difficult side-effects for women undergoing chemotherapy is Alopecia – the loss of hair. Alopecia is fairly common during the course of cancer treatment.  Most of the time the hair loss is temporary and regrows after chemo is completed.  However, for patients who used Taxotere, Alopecia may be a permanent condition.

There is substantial evidence that Sanofi, the manufacturer of Taxotere, had knowledge that permanent or irreversible hair loss was a side effect of its drug, but elected not to warn its users.  Instead, the company engaged in an aggressive marketing campaign, promoting Taxotere as superior over its competitors.  The marketing efforts resulted in revenue of more than $7 billion in the United States alone.  However, the illegal tactic resulted in the FDA issuing a warning to the drugmaker for making false or misleading claims about the effectiveness of its drug.

Contrary to Sanofi’s marketing of the drug, research studies have found other chemotherapy drugs that are more effective, on which patients did not suffer the persistent significant Alopecia that they did on Taxotere. If you have suffered from the misleading claims of Taxotere, an Ohio personal injury lawyer could help you receive entitled compensation.

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