Accidents Caused By Large Trucks Part 7

Types of Brain Injuries:

1.) Skull fractures
2.) Diffuse axonal injuries (DAI)
3.) Concussion and contusions
4.) Anoxic brain injuries
5.) Coma
6.) Contra coup
7.) Hematomas
8.) Seizures
9.) Infections
10.) Damages to or loss of fetus in pregnancy

Mild traumatic injury: damage to the brain that has consequences including the loss of certain memory functions like short term or long term memory and even dulled feeling.

Traumatic brain injury (TBI): these often appear as if there is no visible head injury but results in permanent brain damage. These types create inattention, forgetfulness, other short term and long-term memory problems. TBI can lead to incontinence, loss of feeling in extremities, loss of hearing, loss of bladder control, inability to speak, blindness, and loss of communicative and cognitive abilities.

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