A Marbelhead Man Suffers Spinal Injuries Due To An Auto Accident

A Marbelhead native was recently involved in an auto accident. It was his day off from work from the local Lafarge Quarry in Marbelhead, Ohio. He was on his way home from getting breakfast on route 163, when an elderly man, who was on the side of the road, pulled out right in front of him.

The elderly man was pulled over to take his medication, who was seeing double at the time of the accident. When the elderly man pulled out in front of the quarry worker the quarry worker hit the passenger’s side of the elderly man’s car, caving it in. The quarry worker is currently off work and is suffering from a fractured spine as well as other injuries due to the accident. He is currently seeking treatment for his fractured spine, but if the treatments do not work he will have to have surgery.

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