Worker Sustains Injuries In Ohio Electricution Accident


Amongst all the gruesome accident cases that the Charles Boyk Toledo injury attorneys handle, some of the most devastating are those that occur while the victim was on the job. Simply trying to make a living, these Ohio accident victims generally sustain injuries thanks to malfunctioning equipment or lack of safety procedures in the work place.

Our Toledo workers compensation lawyers recently handled a case where an construction employee was electrocuted with 11,000 volts while trying to control part of the boom where concrete flows. As he was doing this, another part of the machine touched the power lines causing immediate electric shock.

According to the report, he was taken to a nearby hospital and treated for entry and exit burns. Fortunately, the injuries he sustained in the electrocution accident didn’t appear to be life threatening and he survived the shockingly horrific incident.

Although work injury cases like these may seem cut and dry, they often can be quite complex and require consultation from an experienced accident attorney. The experienced legal team at the Charles Boyk Law Offices are knowledgeable in Ohio workers compensation law and are are available to help you! Don’t hesitate to retain skilled work injury lawyers today!

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