5 Things To Know After Being Injured In An Ohio Truck Accident

5 Things To Know After Being Injured In An Ohio Truck Accident

Our Ohio truck accident attorneys have represented countless truck accident victims, so we know how to navigate the claims process in order to ensure the best possible outcome. Below are the top five things that a truck accident victim MUST know after being injured.

1.Get Medical Treatment

If injured in a truck accident, you should get medical treatment as soon as possible. This is not only for your own wellbeing, but also for your injury claim. If you are going to claim injury, you need the proof to back it up. You will need to seek medical treatment and go through the entire process, follow doctor’s orders, and document everything. This will help you with your recovery process and with your personal injury claims process.

2.Beware of the Insurance Adjuster

Insurance companies have one goal – to give you the least amount of money as they can. You will receive phone calls from insurance adjusters who are trying to get you to settle your claim quickly and make statements about your case that you should not be making. It is imperative to have an experience personal injury attorney to help you deal with the insurance adjusters. If you hire an attorney, they can deal with the insurance company for you. Insurance adjusters are professionals who deal with the claims process every day and an attorney can combat their experience and get the best possible outcome for you.

3.Don’t Sign Forms Without Your Lawyer

Do not sign any form that your lawyer hasn’t looked over first. Insurance companies are going to try to get you to sign forms that allow them access to your private medical records. You will need the guidance of a lawyer to help you prevent the unfortunate possibility of an insurance company trying to trick you. The best thing to do is to have your lawyer look at everything first before you sign it because they know what is in your best interest regarding your personal injury claim.

4.Document Everything

Throughout the legal process you will receive countless forms, medical documents, and police reports. You are going to want to document every single piece of paper. Make sure that you have an efficient filing system, make copies of important papers, and ensure that they are easily accessible if your lawyer has a question or if you need to reference a document for proof of injury. Documenting everything will only help to strengthen your case and you will be very happy down the line when you have everything organized and easy to go through.

5.Be Honest with Your Lawyer

You need to tell your lawyer everything about your case. Even if there are some facts that may be embarrassing, your lawyer must know everything so they can represent you to their best possible ability. Hiding something from your lawyer and then the insurance company finding out about it down the road will hurt your chances at receiving a favorable settlement. Make sure your personal injury attorney is aware of everything that they need to fully represent you and help you win the compensation that you deserve.


If you have been injured in an Ohio truck accident, the most important thing to do is to contact an attorney. Attorneys deal with cases of this nature on a regular basis so they know exactly how to go through the legal process. By calling one of the lawyers at our law office, you can ask any questions that you have regarding your case and request a free case evaluation over the phone. We help our clients go through the legal process, increasing their odds of receiving a favorable settlement. Call our office at 800.637.8170 to begin your claims process with an experienced attorney on your side.

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