5 Injured In DUI Crash

An Erie County driver and his four passengers were injured after being hit by a driver accused of driving intoxicated early Sunday morning. State Highway Patrol Troopers said John P. Weaver, Tricia L. Weaver, Rebecca W. Weaver and James L. Weaver all had minor injuries and Sarah L. Weaver had serious injuries, they were all taken to Fisher-Titus Medical Center. The at-fault driver Andrew R. Dalton was not injured in the accident. But is charged with failure to yield, driving under the influence and being an intoxicated pedestrian on the highway. Troopers said Dalton refused a sobriety test, but is suspected of walking outside of his vehicle after the crash happened around 3:35 Sunday morning.

Dalton was making a left turn from a private driveway onto U.S. 250 when he hit the left rear of the southbound vehicle that was being driven by John Weaver. The collision caused Weaver’s 2010 Dodge Caravan to spin into a nearby ditch. After the collision, Dalton then lost control and crossed the centerline and ended up off the in the same ditch as Weaver. Both cars needed to towed from the scene, the van had severe damage while the truck had only disabling damage. This accident is Dalton’s first DUI.

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