4-Year-Old Child Hit By Car And Killed

The Charles E. Boyk Law Offices, LLC send their condolences to the family of 4-year old Cullen Reese Parker who was tragically killed while walking after being hit by a car trying to exit a parking lot.

The driver of the car was 21-year-old Laura Turner. She claims she didn’t see the boy when she was leaving her job at the end of the day and driving through the parking lot.

The little boy was taken to Betsy Johnson Regional Hospital, where he passed away.

The incident is under investigation. No charges have been filed at this particular time.

A question we hear often at the law firm is what are a parent’s legal rights in a child accident? The short answer is that when a young child is involved in an accident you may collect compensation in order to cover medical bills associated with that accident. You may also collect compensation for any pain and/or suffering caused by the accident, and also for permanent injuries that the child will have for the rest of his life.

These cases can be tricky as there are many nuances involved with a child personal injury claim, so hiring a lawyer is vital. Our attorneys will be by your side during the trial, protecting your rights and fighting for fair compensation.

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