4 Injured After Car Hits Tree On Dorr Street

A crash occurred early Sunday morning on Dorr Street near Inverness Country Club. According to 13 ABC News, the crash has resulted in four people being hospitalized as a result of their injuries.

There were two cars involved in the accident. According to police, the two cars collided, and then one of them struck a tree. It then took the firefighters on the scene over two hours to get the driver free from the vehicle that struck the tree.

The driver, his passenger, and individuals in the other vehicle were all taken to the hospital for treatment following the collision. Our thoughts remain with those involved as they recover from the injuries sustained in this accident.

Injured in Car Accident on Dorr Street

While we do not have all the details surrounding this case, it is likely that the accident will be deemed the fault of one of the two drivers. We would advise all passengers who have been injured in this accident to contact a personal injury lawyer following their medical treatment.

Due to the fact that this accident occurred in the early morning hours, there could be several contributing factors to the accident. We are confident that the police will conduct a proper investigation to determine who is at fault for this accident.

Car Accident Lawyer

In the meantime, it is advised that those involved in the accidents who have suffered injuries would contact a lawyer to guide them throughout the process that lies ahead. There are several things that happen immediately following an accident that could end up affecting the settlement if a personal injury claim is made. The smartest thing to do is hire a professional who will ensure that you are following all of the proper steps, talking to the correct individuals, and not putting your claim in jeopardy.

If you would like to speak to one of the car accident lawyers at our office about this case, or a case similar in nature, please call 800.637.8170. We would be happy to review the accident with you, go over the specifics of your injuries, and set out a plan that will increase the odds of you receiving a favorable settlement.

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