$2.255 Million Settlement In Drunk Driver Crash

The Charles E. Boyk Law Offices would like to report on another drunk driving case that had been filed a few months back. The case has now been settled. A police officer and the bar that served her alcohol have agreed to pay a total of $2.255 million – the limit of their insurance policies – in settlement to compensate the families of four young people killed and one man injured in the 2009 vehicle crash in Des Peres, Mo. A wrongful-death lawsuit, brought by the survivor and the dead victims’ families, alleged that the officer, who was off-duty, drank “a high quantity” of alcohol on the night in question at O’Leary’s Restaurant & Bar, and then drove her car into oncoming traffic.The 45-year-old officer was driving drunk and on the wrong side of the road. Her blood-alcohol content was 0.169% three hours after the crash. The threshold for drunk driving is 0.08%. There was no question about the driver being at fault. The parents also sued the restaurant because its “employees knew the officer was intoxicated” and did not stop her from driving or call her a cab. Bar workers served the off-duty officer alcohol despite her slurred speech and unsteady gait.

The crash occurred about 1:45 a.m. on March 21st when the officer’s Mitsubishi collided with the Honda occupied by the victims. All for passengers were natives of India, who had studied and worked in the U.S. for several years. The Honda’s driver suffered a head injury, fractured rib, liver trauma, lung contusion and contusions to the skull. He eventually returned to work. This was a tragic occurrence and is another example of how drinking and driving can’t be tolerated.

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