19-Year-Old Suffers Traumatic Brain Injury On The Job

Cody Karl was 19 when his life drastically changed. He was into his second week of working as a lineman for Houston Mooring Co., Inc. At the time of his accident he was part of a crew assigned to moor the 600-foot tanker into the Houston Ship Channel.

As the tanker was being escorted, crew members made the attempt to attach the tanker to the dock with a steel cable supplied to them by Magellan Terminals Holding, the terminal owner. After tension was put on the cable, it separated and struck Karl’s head as he was standing on a small work boat.

Cody Karl suffered a traumatic brain injury that day and now suffers the effects of it. He experiences cognitive deficits, which includes memory and concentration problems, and weakness in his left arm and leg. He had $300,000 in medical expenses and has been unable to return to work since the accident.

The case was settled before trial for $15.12 million.

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