13 Traffic Fatalities Reported Over New Year’s Weekend

The Ohio State Highway Patrol released a report stating that this New Year’s weekend turned to be much deadlier than last year for drivers on Ohio roadways.

Troopers said that over the weekend there were 13 people killed statewide in automobile crashes. This is a large spike from last year where there were 3 fatal crashes. According to the Ohio Department of Public Safety, the number traffic accidents in 2012 totaled 287,050 with 1,222 of those tragically being fatal traffic accidents. This number is on the rise from 2011 which saw 1,015 fatal traffic accidents.

The patrol also stated that nearly half of the recent victims were not wearing safety belts. The best way to be protected in an accident and to avoid further injury from an accident is by making sure that your safety belt is on and that any children in the vehicle are properly secured in a car seat.

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