11 Ways A Lawyer Can Help Your Ohio Wrongful Death Case Part 3

One of the jobs of the Toledo, Ohio tragic accident attorney is to maximize recovery for the client. In order to do that, the attorney needs to find all the potential individuals or businesses responsible for causing the death.

Sometimes this is easy and obvious. If a defendant ran a red light and caused the death, it’€™s pretty clear who will be the target of the lawsuit. But if the driver was on the job at the time, it may be difficult to determine the business for whom the driver worked. That’s crucial information because under the doctrine of respondent superior, the employer also may be liable for the accident.

Sometimes it’s tough to figure out who may be responsible. In a complicated and serious electrical injury case involving a construction job, we sued the employer, an electric company, the general contractor, and 10 different subcontractors to determine the responsible parties. After two years of litigation and lots of depositions we were able to get an extremely good settlement.

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