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Why I Became a Lawyer

As I was preparing to graduate from high school, my dream was to get a degree in graphic design to hopefully become a layout designer for a magazine. As luck would have it, I did not gain entrance into my college’s graphic design program and rather than waste a year in college accumulating debt but not getting any closer to a degree, I decided to transfer to a local community college. Shortly before I obtained my Associate’s Degree in Paralegal Studies from Northwest State Community College I was given some of the best career advice I could’ve received.

Throughout high school and into college I worked at a small restaurant in Swanton, Ohio and had become pretty close with many regular patrons, one being Judge Richard B. McQuade, Jr., a former United States District Court Judge. On a particularly slow lunch hour, Judge McQuade asked what my plans were after I received my Associate’s Degree. I must’ve given him a less than satisfactory response because he was on the phone in a flash arranging a meeting with me and the director of the Paralegal Studies program at The University of Toledo.

Just a few weeks after finishing what I thought was the last of my schooling, I was enrolled at UT and working to complete my Bachelor’s Degree. I continued working at the small restaurant where Judge McQuade had offered up such sound advice and given me the push I so desperately needed to continue my education. Every few months, Judge McQuade would ask if I had higher aspirations after completing my undergraduate course work and my answer was always, “I don’t know.”

About a year before I was to complete my studies at UT, I was given another chance of a lifetime, working part time as a law clerk at a firm in downtown Toledo, Ohio. I fell in love with the atmosphere of working at a law firm about the same time that I began to fall in love with my course work at UT. With the much-appreciated advice of Judge McQuade and the support of my family, I took the LSAT and applied to The University of Toledo College of Law. To my surprise, I was accepted just three weeks after I applied.

Now after having completed law school and landing a job working so closely with Chuck, I often think of the advice that Judge McQuade gave me so long ago that set me on a path to helping others through life. Although his guidance and inspiration came to me outside the scope of his role as a Judge, it has nonetheless pushed me toward helping others achieving their own goals whether in a legal setting or otherwise.


Leah obtained her Bachelor’s degree from The University of Toledo and continued her academic career at UT’s College of Law. During law school, Leah actively participated in UT’s Student Bar Association serving as the Pro Bono Committee Chairperson, helping to raise money for The Victory Center and various other charitable organizations. She obtained her Juris Doctor degree in December 2014 and passed the Ohio bar exam on her first attempt.

While attending law school part-time, Leah was hired as a receptionist for the Charles E. Boyk Law Offices, LLC. After being hired, she quickly gained more responsibility in the firm and was promoted to Chuck’s personal litigation paralegal within 6 months of being hired. Working closely with Chuck allowed her to assist on some of the firm’s most complex cases and allowed her to develop a deep appreciation for providing clients with the information and tools needed to make the best decisions to resolve their legal troubles. 

Being mentored by Chuck and other attorneys in the firm through law school allowed Leah to gain insight and an appreciation for providing clients with the best legal services available. In addition to handling personal injury cases, Leah has experience in some of the firm’s smaller practice areas such as: general civil litigation, workers’ compensation and criminal defense.

 Leah grew up in Swanton, Ohio before moving to Napoleon, Ohio during high school. She currently resides in Maumee but returns to her family home most weekends where she spends time boating with friends and family on the Maumee River. She enjoys attending concerts, sporting events, and traveling. Outside of her success as a lawyer, Leah is best known as mom to Biscuit, one of Boyk Law’s resident French bulldogs.