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Going away to college has become a very common thing to do these days and many students choose to go out-of-state to the college or university of their choice. They create a life of their own in this new place, make new friends, and have an apartment or house to call theirs.

While going away to school helps a young adult grow as a person and get an education, there are times when it can be difficult. For example, if an out-of-state college student is involved in an accident, they may be confused on how to go about the legal process since they are not in their home state.

If a student is involved in a car accident, the first question they are often asked is whether or not they are an Ohio resident.

An Ohio resident is someone who…

A resident of Ohio is anyone that has a place of residence year round (12 months). The individual would also be able to vote in Ohio as well as pay taxes to the state. If the student resides in the state of Ohio and plans to remain, they can be considered an Ohio resident.

There are many college students that attend an Ohio college or university but do not stay in Ohio year round, so they may be considered residences of their home state.

Seeking Damages for Accident

If an out-of-state college student is injured in an Ohio accident, they have equal rights to the court system no matter what their resident status is. They should first find an attorney that can represent them and hold the at-fault party accountable for injuries.

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