Summer Happenings with Attorney Leah Michael

Biscuit enjoying homegrown sweet corn from my settlement consultant, Justin Moseley of The Prestwick Group.

Keep ‘Em Coming Back
At the end of last year, I expressed an interest in assisting with our office’s marketing efforts. One of the first things that Chuck hammered home was that word of mouth referrals were our best source of business. I felt that I had been providing my clients with great customer service all along but as I reflected on my prior clients and the service I provided, I knew I could do better. I began to connect people that needed mutual services. The simple act of referring my clients to other people for various services has made me realize how powerful word of mouth referrals truly are. I am building a network of referral sources, as well as building trust with my clients when they receive excellent service from others I’ve referred them to. A few summers ago I was tasked with driving out to a hearing to approve a minor settlement in rural probate court. Chuck had a scheduling conflict and felt that I was ready to handle this matter on my own.

Prior to the hearing, I received an email from the settlement consultant asking whether or not I would have time to grab lunch after the hearing. I was slightly confused on a few fronts: 1) why was the consultant attending the hearing; and 2) what business did we possibly need to conduct over lunch?

But after that first meeting I was convinced that moving forward I only wanted to work with Justin on structured settlements. He was thorough, well versed in the law and had a dry sarcasm that nearly brought me to tears with laughter. He also provided excellent customer service! His presence at my first solo probate hearing was invaluable. That chance meeting was over two years ago and my firm’s relationship with Justin has grown tremendously resulting in business growth for both of our endeavors. He graciously treated our office with homegrown sweet corn from his family farm a few weeks ago. I don’t know who enjoyed it more, the staff or Biscuit? If you ever have the need for a settlement consultant that goes above and beyond for his clients, please contact me about getting in touch with Justin Moseley of The Prestwick Group.

The look on Adam’s face when he’s spoiled rotten at my grandma’s house with a piping hot plate of spaghetti squash.

Adventures in Cooking
I’ve always had a passion for cooking. I’m no Julia Child but I do like to try my hand at homemade versions of staples like sauces, soups, and the like. This summer I had the opportunity to experiment with quite a few new recipes and have enjoyed the results. My favorite discovery though was introducing my friend, Adam McGuire, to the versatility and simplicity of spaghetti squash. Since he first tried it a few months ago, I’ve received multiple requests to make it again as well as variations in how I usually prepare it. It’s been fun and something that we’ve bonded over recently. Do you have any special recipes you’d like me try? If so, please forward them!

Holy Jeepers!
Toledo Jeep Fest 2018 was a huge success! The bi-annual event had it’s second go-round the second Saturday of August and it was bigger and better than the first. The event has grown substantially, filling hotels from Toledo to Findlay with Jeep enthusiasts, and obtained national recognition. A few good friends of mine are part of the steering committee which required numerous man hours to get an event of this size up and running. It was these wonderful friends that were able to pull off a Jeep Fest miracle!

Amanda Phillips, member of Friends of Lucas County Dogs, rides along with Toledo City Council Member Nick Komives and City Council President, Matt Cherry. All three driven by the always smiling Chris Monaghan.

Two days before Jeep Fest started I met some awesome, community-driven women who had started a non-profit organization, Friends of Lucas County Dogs. Their entire mission is to raise money and awareness for Lucas County Canine Care & Control. Due to the structure of LC4 and the funding that makes it possible, they have difficulty receiving monetary donations as they cannot be used as tax credits for the donor. The minds behind Friends of Lucas County Dogs saw a need and created a 501(3)(c) non-profit which would allow donors to make monetary contributions and receive the tax credit. 100% of the donations to Friends of Lucas County Dogs goes to LC4.

I wanted to show my appreciation for the women behind Friends of Lucas County Dogs so with less than 48 hours notice I obtained a spot in the Jeep Fest parade, a Jeep Wrangler for them to ride in, and someone to drive them! I was overwhelmed with appreciation and love for my caring and generous friends. Friends of Lucas County Dogs even made a few connections with Toledo City Council Member Nick Komives and Toledo City Council President Matt Cherry!

If you’re a dog lover like me and want to help out, please follow the Friends of Lucas County Dogs Facebook page to see all of their awesome projects and fundraisers!

Office Manager Katie Braunreuther, Legal Assistant Sarah Sharpe, Litigation Paralegal Nancy Thomas, and Receptionist Emily Revenaugh.
(Bottom) Myself and my birthday twin, Penny!

T-Shirts! Get your Boyk Law T-Shirts!
What’s more comfortable on a warm Fall day than a soft cotton t-shirt? Boyk Law just got in our new T-Shirts and we’d love to share them you! Send me your size and choice of color to, I’ll be happy to outfit you with one of our custom tees.

A Wild Boy Tamed
I have always been a little wild at times. My humans sometimes have to remind me to “mind my manners”. That’s boring but I then I realized that when I do behave, I get more yummy treats! My mom and I completed a dog training course this summer. It was such hard work! But I have been getting lots of compliments and so many kisses for being a good boy. I also have made lots of new friends because people can finally come to my home without me slobbering all over them.

A big shout out to Glass City K-9 dog training. Matt was my favorite trainer and I would tell all my doggy friends to check it out!

Evidence of my new chill demeanor as exhibited at a recent end of summer porch hang.

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