Mike Bruno’s Top 5 Travel Tips

After almost three years, I finally went on vacation, a real one – a Mediterranean cruise, stopping in 6 countries.

For those considering taking a trip, allow me to pass along my Top 5 Travel Tips:

  • Fly Direct. All of our aggravations, delays, and craziness occurred when we had to connect flights. Avoid EWR (Newark) at all costs.
  • Keep hard copies of travel documents with you as a backup. Smartphones are wonderful travel companions which streamline the travel experience. But your battery could fail, or you might lose cell service at the security entrance or in remote locations. Paper documents offer peace of mind.
  • The first full day back home should be a gap day. Do not expect to return to work that day with a normal schedule. On our return, with the time change and arriving home around midnight, we slept most of the next day.
  • Arrive Early for Planes and Trains. Staffing is down; security is stringent. Expect long lines and slow movement as the number of travelers continues to increase.
  • Know the rules. Each country has its own Covid protocols. Some require proof of vaccinations. Some require proof of a negative test within 12, 24, or 36 hours and require a specific kind of test. Be aware of each country’s quarantine rules. Gauge the risks and consider travel insurance to mitigate the risks.

Above all: PATIENCE, PATIENCE, PATIENCE. You deserve a vacation, so don’t let minor inconveniences affect your ability to enjoy your trip!

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