Injured Times, 2nd edition

Injured Times, 2nd edition

As part of their Tribute to Toledo campaign, Charles Boyk Law Offices, LLC recently released a magazine full of stories of extraordinary ordinary people and businesses that continue to make a difference in northwest Ohio.

The magazine includes highlights of:

- Local residents who have beat the odds to overcome adversity from serious injury accidents

- Children around northwest Ohio whose good deeds have earned them recognition

- Brave men and women protecting us while overseas and in our backyards

- Area charities that have received help thanks to events around the community

- Students and teachers who have recognized one another’s strengths in and out of the classroom

- Tributes to the extraordinary ordinary people living and working among us

The 36-page full-color Injured Times magazine is available at no charge to anyone in northwest Ohio and copies can be ordered by calling 419-241-1395 or by filling out the form below.


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