This FREE book could change your teen's life

Free Success for Teens Book

What would you give to be able to rid yourself of bad habits that you began as a teenager?

So many poor decisions made in the formative teen years can have impacts that last a lifetime. On the flip side, the teenage years are also crucial for developing the right mindset and work ethic, and these habits can stick with a teen forever.

That is what Success for Teens: Real Teens Talk About Using the Slight Edge is all about: finding ways to make small, positive changes in your life that will result in huge accompliments over time.

We are giving away free copies of Success for Teens books and accompanying CDs, so that parents can listen along while their teen reads the book. The book is sure to spark meaningful family conversations, and we urge parents and teachers to order your free copy today. Simply fill out the form below to have your copy mailed to your home or office.