Ohio Train Accident Injury Lawyers

Protect Yourself After a Serious Injury Train Accident

The Ohio train accident lawyers at Boyk Law represent clients injured in cases involving train accidents andrailroad crossing accidents. These train accident cases involve trains and locomotives that carry both passengers and cargo. 

Types of Ohio Train Accidents

  • Pedestrian injuries
  • Car accident injuries
  • Collisions with passenger vehicles
  • Train passenger injuriesToledo Ohio train accident attorney
  • Unprotected crossings
  • Inadequate warnings at railroad crossings
  • Malfunctioning warnings at railroad crossings
  • Failure to whistle or notify victims of an approaching train
  • Overgrown foliage obscuring line of sight
  • Trains traveling at excessive speed
  • Train derailments
  • Chemical spills

People injured in an Ohio train accident often have clams for their personal injuries.  If a motor vehicle was involved, the injured person can file an insurance claim for medical expenses, lost wages, and other benefits. Families of people who are killed in train accidents often file an Ohio Wrongful Death claim. Other cases involve injuries to railroad workers, also known as FELA cases.

Lawsuits are often filed for passengers of trains who are injured due to the negligence of the train company or a defect in the tracks or rails. The train company is liable for these injuries. Other cases are filed by individuals who were not on the train, but rather were in other cars, on motorcycles or bicycles, or pedestrians and were injured due to the negligence of the train, or against another person if they were a passenger in a motor vehicle. 

Train Companies Ohio Accident Lawsuits Are Most Often Filed Against

  • Amtrak
  • CSX
  • Union Pacific
  • Norfolk Southern
  • Burlington Santa Fe
  • Canadian Pacific
  • Canadian National
  • Kansas City Southern
  • Illinois Central


Do I need an Ohio Train Accident Lawyer?

It is important to hire a train accident attorney immediately after the accident to begin the investigation of the claim. the train company and operator often deny fault for the accident and it is necessary to interview witnesses and take photographs as soon as possible after the accident. If you or a loved on has been injured in a train accident, you should contact Charles E. Boyk Law Offices, LLC immediately by calling 419-241-1395 or by Live Chatting right here on our site.