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Do you know someone whose child has been injured in an accident? Has your child been injured in an accident? Few things are scarier than an accident involving your child. Trying to deal with the aftermath of liability questions, insurance companies, lawsuits, and paperwork can be just as bad. 

That is why the Ohio child accident lawyers at our office wrote, Little Kids, Big Accidents: The Ultimate Guide to Child Injury Cases in Ohio. The attorneys in our office have found that parents whose kids have been hurt in accidents have so much on their minds that they don't need more confusion when they're exploring their legal options. Order your FREE copy of Little Kids, Big Accidents: The Ultimate Guide to Child Injury Cases in Ohio today!


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Every child has the right to have a safe, healthy, and happy childhood. Unfortunately, it is all too easy for a defenseless child to fall victim to the negligence, recklessness, or malice of others. When preventable injuries befall our precious children, it is only right that we demand and fight for justice.  When tragedy strikes you may need the help of an experienced child injury lawyer call The Charles E. Boyk Law Offices, LLC.

According to a report issued by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), more than 2,000 children are killed in accidents or die from an unintentional injury every day.  And every year tens of millions of children are left with life-long disabilities. 
Children and adolescents are at high risk for many injuries including those caused by:


  • Cars and other motor vehicle accidents
  • Fireworks
  • Playground equipment
  • Ingestion of household products such as cosmetics and personal care products, cleaning substances, pain relievers, foreign bodies, and plants
  • Household fires
  • Falls
  • Swimming-related accidents


Where injuries lead to severe disability, the person or company responsible can be held accountable through a lawsuit filed on behalf of the injured child. When a child is killed as a result of someone else's negligence, a claim by the child's parent(s) can be a difficult and sensitive matter, requiring the requisite amount of understanding, compassion and patience obtained through years of experience in working with survivors in these situations.


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Has your child been seriously injured in Ohio?  Want to know if your child has a legal claim?  Want to know what your child's injury case is worth?  Want justice for your child?  Want to make sure the same thing doesn’t happen to another child?

Get the legal aid that you need.  Call the attorneys at the Charles E. Boyk Law Offices, LLC. The call is free. The advice may be priceless.  

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