Ohio car accident knee injury from rear-end collision

After years of handling Toledo, Ohio car accidents, our attorneys have learned that routine rear-end collisions can result in more than just whiplash injuries.

Our Ohio car accident injury lawyers recently filed a lawsuit in the Common Pleas Court of Seneca County stemming from a rear-end impact that caused our client to twist her knee. Her knee had previously been injured in another accident, but she had fully recovered at the time she was rear-ended. 

The injury left her with limited range of motion in her knee. Her doctor informed her that she was suffering from some effusion of the right knee and did not have full extension.  He then drained her knee of a large amount of fluid.  

At a later visit, it was noted that she had some hypersensitivity with positive tinel. After this visit, the doctor diagnosed our client as suffering from some possible neuritis of the patellar branch of the saphenous nerve.  She was then injected with some steroids, which provided some improvement in her pain.  It was noted that the doctor might consider doing an arthroscopic debridement of her scar tissue.  

One month later, it was noted that she was still suffering from knee pain after the car accident.  X-rays were done and revealed a radiolucent line on the posterior aspect and the anterior aspect.  The doctor noted with these findings that he could do exploratory surgery and our client opted for surgery.  Surgery was done, and the initial preoperative diagnosis was painful right knee arthoplasty.  It was noted while in surgery that he discovered that there was a loss femoral component.  The doctor did a revision of the knee arthoplasty and also noted that our client may be suffering from some neuroma.

Following surgery, our client was admitted to the hospital due to her failed right knee total arthroplasty, where she stayed for three days.  At the follow up after her surgery, our client was given lidoderm patches and a script for PT.

Our client completed therapy at two different providers, to work on meeting goals of increasing the range of motion, flexion, extension, and stretching techniques, strengthening, with an exercise program.  Our client was treated approximately thirteen times for her home therapy, then was seen at an off-site facility to continue therapy, where she was treated approximately fifteen times.  While at this facility they worked with the client with electrical stimulation, therapeutic exercises, and manual therapy. The doctor indicates that our client still needs a revision total knee arthroplasty.  He also notes that in less than 1% rate of loosening after a total knee arthroplasty.  This accident caused that premature loosening of her total knee arthroplasty prosthesis.

Even though she previously was injured, the at-fault driver is responsible for aggravating a pre-existing condition. So, if you've aggravated an existing injury in a traffic accident, don't listen to insurance adjusters who say you can't be compensated. Contact one of our attorneys for more information, or order a free copy of The Ohio Accident Book by calling 800.637.8170.