What are some of the questions asked during the intake process for Small Smiles?

Answer: A paralegal or intake specialist with speak with the parent to gather basic information on the child and his or her visits to Small Smiles. This information will include:

  • All contact information for the parent(s) or legal guardian, including address, phone number, email address and the name and phone number of a friend or loved one that the attorney can alternatively contact in the event we cannot get a hold of the parent.
  • Name and birthdate of child
  • Age at first visit to Small Smiles
  • The location of the Small Smiles dental center where the child was seen as a patient
  • List of all treatments the child received, including fillings, root canals, caps, crowns and extractions
  • Whether or not the parent or legal guardian was allowed back with the child during the treatments
  • Whether or not the child was held down, strapped down or papoosed during the procedures

The intake specialist will then schedule an appointment for the parent(s) or legal guardian to discuss the situation in further detail with the Small Smiles attorneys.