Winter Weather Causes Traffic Accidents

During Ohio’s treacherous winter months, drivers can expect snowy and icy conditions that oftentimes cause car accidents on the roadways. 

When weather conditions are slick, it is important to drive with caution. Accidents may occur when drivers come into contact with black ice, snow-filled roadways, and other dangerous, weather related conditions. 

Although it may seem that an accident occurring in winter weather conditions is unavoidable and should not be deemed the driver’s fault, they are usually responsible. In situations such as this, police most always issue a Failure to Control ticket to the driver. 

What does Failure to Control mean? 

Ohio Revised Code Section 4511.202, entitled "Operation without being in reasonable control of vehicle," states:

(A) No person shall operate a motor vehicle... on any street, highway, or property open to the public for vehicular traffic without being in reasonable control of the vehicle, trolley, streetcar, agricultural tractor, or unit of farm machinery.

(B) Whoever violates this section is guilty of operating a motor vehicle or agricultural tractor without being in control of it, a minor misdemeanor.

A violation of this section resulting from bad weather would simply mean that, although driving conditions were not optimal, the driver failed to reduce their speed and drive with the proper precaution, causing danger to others on the roadways.


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