A Whitmer High School student was taken to the hospital on Tuesday after being struck by a vehicle inside of the high school.

The student was struck by another student in the Auto Tech building at the high school. According to 13 ABC News, a student was backing up a car inside the shop, didn’t see the other student and ended up striking them with the vehicle.

The injured student was then taken to the hospital. His condition is unknown at this time.

The Director of Career Technology for Whitmer High School released the following statement:

“This afternoon there was an incident in the Whitmer High School Career & Technology Center senior automotive lab. A student was injured. The student was transferred to an area hospital for treatment and parents have been notified. At this time the condition of the student is not known. As always, student safety is the number one priority.”

Who is liable?

While all of the details related to the accident have not been released at this time, we would advise the parents of the student to consider contacting a lawyer. The accident could have occurred due to a variety of factors, such as improper safety procedures or a failure to enforce protocol. Accidents of this nature can be confusing, especially when a minor is involved, as well as an institution like a school.

To speak to the lawyers at our office regarding the accident, the options available to the injured student, and possible claims that could result, call 800.637.8170. Our lawyers will not only answer any questions that you have, but also give a free case evaluation with the information provided.  

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