Watch this Texting & Driving Accident and Never Text Again!

Florida recently released the video of a texting a driving that will make you think twice before sending a text behind the wheel.

The texting and driving accident happened earlier this month and a Fort Myers Police Officer caught the whole thing on tape! The driver, 23-year-old Michael James Woody, Jr. was cited after the rollover accident for careless driving and texting.

Texting while driving causes Ohio accidents.

Officer Catches Texting and Driving Accident on Camera

On January 4 at about 1 a.m., Officer Ivan Moorer noticed a Pontiac Grand Am driving erratically in front of his car. He then followed the driver, seen in the video below.

The video of the texting driver clearly shows him accelerate across the lane of the road and onto the sidewalk. The vehicle struck a guardrail, bus stop sign, and a tree, and then rolled over. When watching the video, you can see the driver crawl out of the vehicle, thankfully uninjured.


Texting and Driving: Danger on the Roads

Our office shared a blog post in 2013 that highlighted just how dangerous texting and driving is.

Statistics regarding texting and driving are quite scary, with 43% of teens admitting to texting and driving, and 77% of those same teens saying that their parents text while driving as well.

This past year, the Wood County Fair set up a simulator so people could experience just how dangerous texting and driving is.

Lt. Savidge said that those who are texting and driving demonstrate driving patters similar to those who have been drinking or those who have fallen asleep behind the wheel. The drivers tend to drift off of the side of the road and then catch themselves, bringing their car back to its place in the lane.

Read more about the texting and driving simulator.

Think about it – you have seen drivers who you suspected to have been texting, right? Remember how their cars drift off of the side of the road, again and again, for no apparent reason. The odds are that they are texting and driving, putting themselves at danger, their passengers, and you.

Texting and Driving Accidents

Our office wants to help those who have been affected by texting and driving. If you or your loved one has been involved in an accident that was caused by another individual texting behind the wheel, please call our lawyers at 800.637.8170. We can help you to file a claim and receive the compensation that is deserved for the injuries that have resulted.

When calling into our office, you will have the opportunity to speak directly with an attorney about your case – the accident, your injuries, and any questions that you may have. 

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