WARNING: Avoid these Potholes!

WTOL asked viewers to send in images and locations of potholes that could cause havoc to vehicles. Below you will find the list of locations that the most dangerous potholes are at.

We urge you to be cautious when on area roadways. Potholes can be dangerous, causing serious accidents.

Potholes in the Toledo Area

Read a list of the locations of potholes. Thank you to all WTOL viewers/readers who sent in the tips!

All photos and locations taken from ToledoNewsNow.com.

Central Avenue, Between Upton and Promedica Parkway – Derek

East Central near the Expressway and Toledo Correctional Institute – Nicholas Hyslop

Glencove and Shasta – Jeff LaCourse

Pinewood off Smead – Dalana Hickman

Sylvania and Roanoke – Al Piotrowski

Secor and Kenwood – Samir Kareem

Potholes Cause Accidents

We have explained in our blog how potholes can cause serious accidents. The Toledo area has several potholes right now due to the snow storm we had last week. When severe weather pours down on roadways and the plows clear it away, there is significant wear and tear to the surface of the roads.

We urge motorists to be aware of the potential for potholes on roadways. Be cautious and drive defensively so you do not find yourself in an accident.

Am I responsible for an accident caused by a pothole?

If you happen to lose control of your vehicle because of a pothole and end up colliding with another vehicle, you would most likely be deemed at fault. This is why we urge drivers to be so cautious – we want to prevent accidents, injuries, and financial headaches for everyone!

Read more about who is at fault for a pothole accident.

If you have been in an accident with someone else who failed to control their vehicle because of a pothole and you ended up suffering injury, call our office at 800.637.8170. You will have a chance to speak directly with an attorney about the accident and your injuries, ask any questions that you may have, and gain an understanding of the legal steps that you must take to receive compensation. Call today and let us help you!


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