Updates to I-75 in Toledo

There will be updates on I-75 in Toledo during 2014 totaling $20 million. The upgrades will be made along the Interstate between Dorr Street and Central Avenue.

ODOT closes Craig Bridge for updates.

A spokesman for the Ohio Department of Transportation, Theresa Pollick said, “It’s an extensive project. We’re looking at pavement rehabilitation throughout that entire corridor through downtown Toledo. That’s just a matter of age. It’s a matter of weather. It’s basically due, it’s something that’s necessary.”

There is no doubt that the upgrades being made will result in construction on the Interstate. This is something that drivers in the Toledo area have become very accustomed to. Our office has shared tips in the past for driving through construction zones. You can find them listed below, as well as in our blog post, Construction in Toledo: Driving Tips.

Tips for Driving In Construction

  1. Leave early – give yourself a cushion of time so you don’t end up frustrated behind the wheel or late to your destination
  2. Adjust your schedule – if you can be flexible with your schedule, try not to travel in construction zones during rush hour
  3. Pay attention – construction changes daily. Pay attention to the latest changing lanes and detours
  4. Stay off your phone – if you’re sitting in traffic, do not text, email, or call someone; It will distract you and could result in a fender bender

The Move Over Law: Senate Bill 137

Our office would also like to remind drivers of the Move Over Law, or Senate Bill 137. It was signed on December 19 by Governor John Kasich and will require motorists to move over or slow down to accommodate roadside vehicles.

Read how the Move Over Law will affect drivers in Toledo.

We hope that this law will prevent the future injury or fatality of roadside workers.

If you have questions about accidents in construction zones, or you know a roadside worker who was injured on the job, call our lawyers at 800.637.8170. We are available to answer any questions that you may have and to explain the legal guidelines of such accidents.  


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