U.S. 68 Crash Injures 3

A crash early Monday morning on U.S. 68 resulted in the injury to three people. The two-vehicle crash happened south of Findlay.

The accident happened when 21-year-old Alexis Connolly was driving north on U.S. 68 and slowed to turn right onto Jackson Township 172. Her vehicle was struck from behind by a northbound dump truck.

The dump truck was operated by 51-year-old David Grames of Grand Rapids. The collision caused Connolly and two of her passengers to be taken via ambulance to Blanchard Valley Hospital. The two injured passengers have not been identified by the police department.

The Honda Connolly was driving was seriously damaged by the dump truck.

We are sending well wishes to Connolly and the two passengers who were injured in her car. We are hoping that they are able to recover as quickly as possible.

Vehicle Hit from Behind

This accident appears to be at the fault of the driver of the dump truck, David Grames. We would advise anyone injured in this accident, or an accident similar to this, to contact a personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

A car accident is a lifetime of unemployment.

Vehicle accident injuries have the potential to be very serious, not only causing physical pain, but emotional trauma. This accident seems to have been fairly serious by the sounds of the shape that the vehicle was in after the collision. We would advise the driver of the Honda, Alexis Connolly, and her two passengers, to call a lawyer regarding their injuries.

A lawyer can begin taking care of certain aspects of a case just a few days after the incident. Oftentimes the first step is to begin an investigation into the accident, collect evidence, and obtain all necessary statements from witnesses and/or first responders. By contacting a lawyer sooner, they can get things taken care of so you don’t have to worry about it.

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Findlay Car Accident Attorney

The lawyers at our office have handled several cases very similar to the one highlighted above. Accident victims can speak directly to an attorney from our office by calling 800.637.8170. By doing so, they will have the opportunity to not only review the accident they were injured in, but to also ask any questions that they have related to the case and the legal options that they have.

Findlay Ohio Car Accident Lawyer

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