Type 2 Diabetes Drug Leads to Serious Problems

Actos Leads to Health Problems

A Type 2 Diabetes drug known as Actos has been found to put patients at an increased risk for bladder cancer. The medically dangerous link was allegedly found during the clinical trials for the drug, yet doctors and patients were not made aware of it.

Actos was prescribed to Type 2 Diabetes patients to help improve blood sugar levels. It assisted the individuals with using the insulin they naturally produce, stopping their liver from making more sugar that was not needed.

Those patients who did use Actos to help maintain their blood sugar levels have to now worry about a new health problem – bladder cancer. There is a 40% increased chance of developing bladder cancer after taking Actos for a specified amount of time, a percentage figure given by the Food and Drug Administration in 2011.

The Pharmaceutical Company

Actos is also referred to as pioglitazone, and was produced by Takeda Pharmaceuticals. The company allegedly hid internal studies that linked the drug to bladder cancer development. The studies go back as early as 2004 and the Japan based company failed make both patients and doctors aware of the risk.

Although they were aware of the risks associated with the Type 2 Diabetes drug, Takeda managed to stall the release of the information. Takeda was responsible for sharing the information regarding all product risks, but they did not do so, causing many patients serious health risk.

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