Turnpike 50-Vehicle Pileup Investigation

The fatal pileup accident that occurred last week on the Ohio Turnpike claimed the lives of three individuals and seriously injured a trooper.

According to 13 ABC News, troopers need the help of the public for their investigation. As of now, it has been defined that three things are to blame for the massive accident, which are bad weather, slick roads, and driver error.

If you can recall, this crash occurred on Wednesday, March 12th when our area saw a massive snow storm that resulted in many counties operating on a Level 3 Snow Emergency. According to troopers, the trucks on the turnpike were driving too fast for the conditions of the roadway, contributing to the driver error factor of the crash.

Read more about the 50-vehicle chain reaction accident on the Ohio Turnpike.

The report that will be given to the Sandusky County Prosecutor is expecting to include everything from traffic citations to charges of vehicular manslaughter. The crash’s puzzle pieces are still being put together by investigators.

Lt. Brett Gockstetter, the commander of the Milan post said, “I haven’t seen anything like that in my career and obviously hope to never see it again.

Ohio Turnpike Chain Reaction Accident

The snowy conditions and icy roadways were a factor in the crash, but as we have explained throughout our blog, it is imperative for motorists to drive according to the conditions of the roadway. As reported above, some drivers involved in this massive pileup were not operating their vehicles with the caution that the weather demanded.

Turnpike reopens after the massive pileup accident.

“When you have bad snow covering the road, limited visibility, you need to drive with due caution,” said Gockstetter. “You can’t drive the speed limit or even close to the speed limit when you have those conditions.”

The troopers are asking any individuals with pictures of the crash to call the Milan post at 419.499.4808.

Injured in Turnpike Crash

We continue to send well wishes to the trooper injured in this crash, Andrew Clouser. After helping those involved in one of the first crashes of the chain reaction, he became pinned between two vehicles and sustained serious injuries.

We also send our sympathies to the families who lost their loved ones in this accident. This is a tragic and overwhelming situation to be a part of and our thoughts and prayers are with the families.

We advise anyone who has questions regarding legal options if injured in an accident of this nature, or those who have lost loved ones in this type of accident to call our law office at 800.637.8170. Our car accident lawyers and wrongful death lawyers are able to explain the options available to victims of such accidents. 

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