Truck Accident Results in Worker Fatality

Hired pest control worker Eric Sanchez was seen working around Versa-Cold’s facility, a business that runs cold storage warehouses. As the day carried on a client of Versa-Cold Logistics, Northern Refrigerated Transportation Inc., was backing into the loading docks of the company and ran over 40-year-old Sanchez. The victim suffered a great deal of injuries and soon passed away after being at the facility.

Consequently, Sanchez’s wife created a lawsuit for both Versa-Cold Logistics and Northern Refrigerated Transportation Inc. in order to compensate her husband’s death. She claimed the defendants were responsible for making sure there was an alarm to notify when the truck was backing up or another safety precaution. The wife claimed this negligence breached workplace safety regulations. The plaintiff also stated noise from a nearby freeway hindered her husband’s ability to hear the truck backing up claiming Versa-Cold did not inspect the facility properly. The defendants argued Sanchez’s death was his own fault for not paying attention and should have alerted the driver when he was working behind the vehicles.

The plaintiff claimed $41,700 and $1.06 million in lost earnings respectively for her husband’s accident. The jury decided both parties were to blame in the accident settling Versa-Cold 51% at fault awarding the plaintiff $1.68 million.

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