Toledo Experiences Record-Breaking Weather in 2014

The Toledo area has been affected by a major snow storm for three days now. The storm that began on Sunday is still affecting residents as they are called off of work or unable to drive on the roadways.

The snow began to fall on Sunday and continued throughout the day. By the end of the day, a Level 3 Snow Emergency was called. Under a Level 3 Snow Emergency, motorists should not be on the road unless it is absolutely necessary or they have a personal emergency.

Many businesses were closed on Monday as the Level 3 Snow Emergency continued. Finally, by 2 p.m. on Monday, the level was decreased to a Level 2, but the new concern was not the snow that would fall, but instead the frigid temperatures that we would be experiencing.

The Level 3 Snow Emergency Returns

When residents of our community woke up on Tuesday morning, they found that the area was put back onto a Level 3 Snow Emergency. News reports were stating how the roads were simply a sheet of ice and motorists should stay safe and warm by not leaving their homes at all.

Area businesses closed their doors once again as the weather proved to be dangerous for anyone who would be traveling in it.

Driving in a Level 3 Snow Emergency

As we stated before, motorists are not able to drive when there is a Level 3 Snow Emergency in effect. This is for all roads and streets in Lucas County, including state, county and township roads and all city streets. However, this does not apply to traffic on the Ohio Turnpike. Our office is wishing anyone traveling on the turnpike to be safe on the dangerous roads.

Who Can Drive During a Level 3 Snow Emergency?

Only operators of public safety vehicles on duty or those responding to an emergency are permitted to drive during a Level 3 Snow Emergency. This also includes essential news media personnel, such as reporters, support and production employees, so when you see our local stations such as 13 ABC and WTOL out on the streets, they are doing so for us!

Another group of individuals who can drive on the roads during a Level 3 is those health care and other emergency personnel. We are wishing any nurses, doctors, physicians and other medical staff luck as they make their way into work. We also would like to express our thanks for their service to the community during this time.

Finally, employees of critical infrastructure facilities are also permitted to drive on the roads. These would be those working at Toledo Edison, or First Solar. Again, we would like to express our thanks to these individuals as they continue to work to provide our community with the essential services it needs.

If you have any legal questions about this Level 3 Snow Emergency and accidents on the roadway, please give our office a call at 800.637.8170. We would be happy to help explain the legal factors involved in accidents that occur during these circumstances and answer any questions that you may have. 

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