A Norwalk teen was found guilty of inappropriately rubbing a 7-year-old girl at the Norwalk Public Library. The teen was 15 when he wrongfully touched the 7 year old girl so the case is going to be in the Juvenile Courts. After the testimony the defendant was found guilty of the charge of sexual imposition which is a third degree misdemeanor if an adult commits the crime. Nine people were subpoenaed in this case but not all of them testified.

The inappropriate touching happened on June 7th and the boy was arrested shortly after it happened. Two days after he was arrested he was released from the Seneca County Juvenile Detention Center and released into the custody of his parents and was placed on house arrest. The judge ruled that he is to be under 24 hour adult supervision and is not allowed to have any contact with anyone under 14 years old, except for his sister and his parents have to take him to and from school. The boy also has to have a sex offender risk assessment done, which is usually ordered by a judge when there is a sex allegation.

Throughout the investigation the police also found two other occurrences with girls that are 9 & 12 years old, not necessarily did these other two occurrences happen at the library. The case has now been given to the Huron County Sheriff's Office and Children Services.



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