Teen Hit by Car that Drove Around School Bus

With school in session, drivers have to be aware of school zones when driving and they are at the mercy of bus stops on their way to work in the morning. While it can be frustrating to sit behind a bus as it stops at driveway after driveway, these rules are in place for a reason. A recent accident in Perry, Ohio shows how essential it is for drivers to be cautios when driving near school buses.

Teen Hit by a Car

A 15-year-old boy was seriously injured when a car drove around a school bus that was stopped. The school bus had its warning lights flashing, but the driver of the car failed to follow the law, driving around the stopped bus.

The accident happened on Wednesday afternoon when the freshman boy got off the bus. The driver of the silver Chrysler that hit the boy was a 28-year-old Perry man. The 15-year-old boy was struck, hit the windshield of the car, and then flew to the side of the road.

The injured boy was flown to the hospital where we have learned he is in stable condition. We have not received details regarding who the driver in this accident was.

Our office is sending our thoughts and prayers toward the injured boy as he recovers from this accident. While he is stable at this time, we hope that he has a speedy recovery from the injuries sustained in this school bus accident. We also want to remind drivers that they MUST stop when school buses are picking up and dropping kids off, as the flashing lights are there for a reason.

The driver in this accident did not follow the Ohio Revised Cod 4511.75 Stopping for stopped school bus. The parents of the boy injured should contact a lawyer as soon as possible if they wish to pursue compensation for their son’s injuries.

The lawyers at our office represent clients involved in similar accidents and have helped countless parents secure compensation for their children, ensuring that your family has the financial means to pay all medical expenses and future financial troubles will not be of a concern.

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