Start High Shows Support For The Disabled With Student Of The Month Contest

The 2nd Annual Start High School Student and Teacher of the Month contest kicked off this school year by honoring two people who dedicated their time at Start to helping those with special needs.


Start High Senior and Student Body President Amina Alsouqi nominated special needs student Tavon Jackson for Homecoming King, and actively campaigned alongside him as a Homecoming Queen nominee.


Not only did Tavon make it to Royal Court as a result of Amina’s campaigning efforts and the support of the student body, but he won Homecoming King at the September 26th Homecoming game.


Amina and Tavon with Tavon's class


Start High teacher Annie Haley was so moved by Amina’s gesture that she nominated her for the Student of the Month contest for the month of September.


Amina has always been kind, thoughtful, attentive and sincere with my special needs students,” Ms. Haley said. “She is so compassionate, loving and I truly think the world of her! And the fact that she was named Queen is a perfect fairytale ending to all of this.”

Amina was surprised with the award of a $50 Visa gift card and NBC 24 News was even there to capture the exciting moment when Ms. Haley announced it to her, with Tavon’s class applauding in the background.


“I wanted to run with Tavon because I wanted him to be King and because Start has never done anything like that before,” Amina said. “We’ve never had anyone different running for King and Queen – it’s always been the stereotype that you see on TV. I think that our school is more accepting and better than that and I wanted Tavon to have an opportunity to do something that he might not have done in his life.”



Check out Amina's video here.


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