Small Smiles dental center horror stories

Kevin Davis was in his early 20s when he took his two boys to the Small Smiles dental center in Toledo, Ohio. Even though Kevin, Jr. was only three years old and his baby brother, Zaire only 18 months, Kevin believed that it was smart to begin their oral health at a young age.

He reluctantly agreed to allow his sons to be taken in the back, after the Small Smiles staff informed him that he was not allowed to go past the waiting room.

When the boys emerged approximately four hours later, sweating and crying, their mouths swollen, their dad believed the dentist when he said that they were fine and assumed that they were upset because they didn’t like going to the dentist. Kevin Jr. had multiple cavities filled and little Zaire - whose full set of teeth hadn't even grown in at that point - came out with caps on his four front teeth.

It wasn't until seven years later that he learned through information provided from our office that Small Smiles was mistreated children. Kevin asked his oldest son if he had been strapped down during his procedure.

Kevin, Jr. said, "Yes."

His dad was shocked. "I just can't believe it," Kevin said. "If they strapped Kevin Jr. down, they must have strapped down Zaire, too, since he wasn't even two yet."

In another incident, 5-year-old Brandon went to Small Smiles to have his teeth cleaned, but certainly he didn’t expect to have his arms and legs strapped down to the chair and receive 16 painful root canals and have 16 silver caps put on his teeth.

His mom was shocked when two hours later he finally came out of the room that she was not allowed to enter.

“His whole shirt was full of sweat, he had blood dripping from his mouth and all I could see was silver shining through,” Christie, Brandon’s mom, said. “He was freaking out.”

Six-year-old Morgan had to undergo five root canals and five fillings, topped with five crowns, all in one sitting. When she kept crying for her mom, they turned the radio “really loud” so that no one could hear her crying.

Morgan’s mom, Sandra, had no idea what was going on, as she was not allowed past the front desk to go back with her daughter.

“They said, ‘Oh no, you can’t go back there, you can’t go back there,’” Sandra said.

Brandon and Morgan’s stories are not the only ones.

Tens of thousands of children across the country have entered Small Smiles dental clinics with perfectly healthy teeth and left with mouths full of fillings and caps, after having had their teeth drilled and root canals performed - sometimes even without pain medication.

If your child has ever been a patient at Small Smiles, you need information. Call 888-888-2110 to speak with an attorney or order your free copy of our eBook, Small Smiles, Big Injuries. You can also order a copy by clicking on the link to the right.

I about fell over when I seen the lawsuit on tv about this place! My family wasn't on Medicaid but we had no dental insurance and small smiles was the cheapest we could find after calling around and were told they specialized in small children all in a city we weren't familiar with and had just moved to. My son and daughter went there for a cleaning when they were 4 and 5, long story short the treatments lasted for hours my son had several root canals and silver caps performed on baby teeth, my daughter was restrained and when she refused to open her mouth they gassed her to the point that she was sick for hours with a blinding headache and not being insured we weren't able to go to the hospital and thank god she was ok. My kids had a ton of fillings as well as extractions we never believed to be necessary and my son even had to have a permanent tooth pulled by a reputable dentist later due to the fact that the tooth had abcessed and decayed under the silver cap which was probably never a cavity to begin with. My daughter who is now 15 has to be tranquilized just for her orthodontist appointments and my 14 yr old has anxiety attacks just pulling into the parking lot for a cleaning. We were accused of being unhygienic and made to feel like white trash even though my wife and I are business professionals and paid cash! These F%c%#r$ need to pay!
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