Our law office is hosting a Student of the Month Contest for Start High School. Our very own Chuck Boyk attended Start when he was young, so he thought there was no better way to show his community support than to inspire young minds at the high school and show appreciation to the educators that spend their days making this community a better place.

Our law office promoted the Student of the Month Contest online and received nominations within minutes! Teachers nominated their students by filling out the form on NominateAStartStudent.com, explaining who they believe deserves to be rewarded. We have thoroughly enjoyed reading the inspiring stories!

We received the below nomination for Sophomore Mariah Mangum from Hong Buehrer, the Chinese instructor at Start:

“[Mariah] is a very nice young lady who always enters classroom on time, return the homework on time. She is polite and courteous to the teacher and other classmates. She shows interest and initiative to my class. She prepares well for the class and tests. She is such a positive contribution to my class! I am glad to have the opportunity to nominate her as a student of the month.”

We also received the below nomination from the Electrical Trades instructor at Start for a Senior at Start:

“Brandon came to my class as a senior last year. He transferred from another school to take my Electrical Trades class. He is so motivated to become an electrician that he chose to return this year to finish my class. He put off his graduation in order to complete my class and get into an apprenticeship school. He works every night delivering pizza from 4-11 or 5-12, yet he comes to my class with unbridled enthusiasm. I think that this kind of determination and dedications to a goal should be rewarded.”

We cannot wait to receive more submissions. It's a joy seeing the inspiring students in our community and their longing to learn! We urge our readers to help us promote our contest to their friends and family. Share our contest on social media! You can find us on Facebook where we have posted links to our previous contest winners! 

We look forward to reading about more students...maybe one of them will be a student that you know!

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