Showing Community Support: Start Student of the Month!

Our office is hosting a Student-of-the-Month Contest at Start High School, Attorney Chuck Boyk’s alma mater. Students were nominated by teachers at Start high School. November’s student was nominated by Michelle Thomas via an online form submission.

The Nomination

Ms. Thomas’ nomination read:

“I have been Mitchell’s science teacher all three years here at Start. The growth and maturity that this young man has displayed in three years is truly amazing. During his freshman year it was a struggle to just have him turn in his work. All he cared about then was earning a D and behaving just well enough to not be thrown out of class. He now strives to earn decent grades, participates in class and even helps his classmates with the material we are learning. Because I have been his teacher for physical science, biology, and now chemistry, I have been fortunate enough to watch and enjoy his transformation.”

When Mitchell entered the room to learn that he was the winner of the Student-of-the-Month Contest, he originally thought he was in trouble! Ms. Mitchell then explained why she nominated him to be the winner and he was very appreciative. Click the "Play" button at the top of the page to watch the video!

Our office truly enjoys seeing the smiles on the student’s faces when they learn how they are seen through their teacher’s eyes. We also see an extra sparkle in their eyes when they learn that they ALSO receive a $50 gift card!

We look forward to putting a smile on another student’s face as we continue the Start High School Student-of-the-Month Contest. We also are excited to see the submissions we will receive from students, explaining which teacher they believe should be deemed the Teacher-of-the-Month!

To learn more about the contest and too see who Chuck’s favorite teacher was (and what year he graduated from Start), watch the video below!


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